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Mise à Jour: 01-02-2019




Mise à Jour: 01-04-2019


catalogues DS et ID

a.m. 1963

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toerisme or not tourisme

that is the question

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new and rare items

summersale 10% off


Mise à Jour: 12-07-2019

For Sale: three  collections of PostCards;
cabriolet/décapotable; second nose and third nose
see “Le P’tit Marché”

Mise à jour: 01-09-2019

Besides brochures and documents

now in Le P’tit Marché

miniatures for sale

click on the image here below


Mise à Jour: 1-10-2019

New nice Italian catalogo added to the collection (see 1st, 2nd en 3d nose)

Nice and rare items from CX, XM and C6 for sale in Le P’tit Marché!


Mise à Jour: 2-11-2019

At least five different versions of the “64” DS-ID Rally brochure”

Three French ones and two British ones

France: Two slightly different covers (first two versions with “Continental Rally 1963” and in the third one replaced by “RAC British” (see image below)). The first version 20 pages (less photos; less text); the other two versions 28 pages.

Mise à Jour: 2-11-2019 (cont.)

Angleterre: In the second version (65-8) they skipped a few times the word “Europe” (in 1965 already, they weren’t even part of the EU yet mind you!), like in ‘pleurope’ (= “sod off”; Dutch slang for Brexit)

Mise à Jour: 1-12-2019

Two 66-9 catalogues compared. The left one from Angleterre. The right one from France. Click on the image below and scroll downwards for the comparison:

Mise à Jour: 03-01-2020


Canadian catalogue from mid sixties

Click on the flag or the cover to discover and enjoy!

Mise à Jour: 02-02-2020 (20:20 hrs)

New buttons; easier to navigate between page 1st, 2nd and 3d nose.

Loading brochure pages much faster!

Mise à Jour: 02-02-2020 (cont.)

Easier to order items you desire.

New Helmut Newton photo found!

Mise à Jour: 01-04-2020

New Swedish acquistions (thanks to fellow collector Niels Debeij!)

New Canadian addition to my collection after tip from Niels Debeij and swiftly handled by Mark Krahn:

Mise à Jour: 01-04-2020 (cont.)

Some new German acquistions:

Most Wanted Brochures / Catalogues:

Mise à Jour: 01-05-2020

Sympathetic British add to the collidds-collection:

Most Wanted Brochures / Catalogues!

Mise à Jour: 01-06-2020

Nice and rare Finnish acquisition:

Now treated more extensively in comparison with a French edition.

Some nice German “second nose” additions to the COLLIDDS-collection!

Mise à Jour: 01-07-2020

Swedish beauty: made  or inspired by William Klein?

Mise à Mois: 02-08-2020

Another Scandinavian find:

From some brochures the content is published: